I caught wanderlust early on. It was those armloads of books I carried home every Saturday from the library. I write now to infect others – it can’t be caught too early! Check out Miss Mouse’s adventures, for beginning readers, Mukisa’s struggles as an AIDS orphan in Uganda, for middle grade readers, and Thora’s quest to save her mother and herself from her mad Viking uncle, for young adult readers. And because every young person should have a horse in their lives, as I did, I hope tween readers will be caught up in two novels relating Carrie’s adventures with her mare, Mezza Luna. (The third book in the series will take Carrie to England and Saudi Arabia.)

Thora’s Hammer was a 2013 Pacific Northwest Writers Association YA finalist and a 2014 Amazon Break Out Novel quarter finalist.


Stories for Young Readers


Book I – Miss Mouse – World Traveler

Miss Mouse and the Heroes of Bucharest Miss Mouse befriends one of Bucharest’s wild dogs, Ulla, who becomes her bodyguard. One wintry night George, the puppy who believes Miss Mouse is his mother, disappears. It is up to Miss Mouse, Ulla, and her pack, to save him.

Miss Mouse and George of the Desert Miss Mouse and George, now a teenager, move with George’s family to Saudi Arabia. George thinks only of himself, until he falls in love with the new baby, Emma. On an outing in the desert, danger threatens Emma. What will George do?

Miss Mouse and the Rescue on Hampstead Heath Miss Mouse and George, now in London, are charged with babysitting Emma, the toddler – until she disappears.

Miss Mouse and the Cathedral Christmas Miss Mouse, on her way to the annual Christmas service hosted by the National Cathedral’s resident mice, discovers a nearly frozen mouse lying in the drifting snow. How will this small mouse bring them “the best Christmas ever?”

Book II – Miss Mouse – On the Farm

Miss Mouse and Sarah – Miss Mouse, looking for a place to retire, finds the farm and Sarah, the Labrador. The two become great friends. Sarah confides her great shame – her failure as a hunting dog. Will Sarah overcome her fear when Miss Mouse is attacked by a swarm of angry bees?

Miss Mouse and Ruby the Fierce No one likes Ruby. Despite her size, the tiny hummingbird uses her sharp beak to make sure she has everything her own way. But then a feral cat shows up at the pond, stalking the just- hatched ducklings.

Miss Mouse and the World’s Fastest Rabbit Old Uncle Harry’s cage is left unlatched. He sets out to visit his nephew Bunny Rab and barely escapes hungry coyotes. Miss Mouse, Sarah and Bunny Rab must find a way to get Uncle Harry home safely.

Miss Mouse and Scaredy Bat A bat sleeping in the house? He tells Miss Mouse and Sarah why his friends call him Scaredy Bat. He’s missing out on his nightly dinner of bugs, but how can he rejoin the stealthy hunters?


boatBooks for Tweens


Book I – MoonDreams
It is the summer of 1974 and the unexpected offer of an untrained mare is about to change the lives of 13 year old Carrie, her recently returned Vietnam vet dad, and a disreputable Irishman, in ways they could never have imagined. (READ MORE)

Book II – Shooting Star

Lakewood Academy, where Carrie is a day student, and where Ned trains her and her horse Mezza Luna, is in danger of losing its riding program. The Lakewood riding team enters the prestigious Festival of the Horse aiming to attract donors. When their best rider’s horse is injured, Ned asks Carrie to let Sam ride Mezza Luna. The problem is, Carrie can’t forget Sam’s awful act of betrayal. (READ MORE)


If the step-mother who hates him hadn’t killed and eaten Queen Elizabeth,12-year-old Mukisa’s pet chicken and best friend, he might never have run away from too many beatings and too little food.  He might never have found Father James, the Ugandan Anglican priest who raises funds to care for AIDs orphans, or Sanyu, one of the orphans, who, herself, fled before her aunt could sell her to an old man.  He might never have passed himself off as an AIDs orphan and, with his talent for drumming,  become part of the group of orphan musicians performing in villages about preventing AIDs.  But this new, safe world shatters, and Mukisa must find the strength to build a future for himself.

eiffeltowerYA Adventure

THORA’S HAMMER–   Quarter Finalist – 2014 Amazon Break-Out Novel Contest,

                                    Finalist – 2013 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest

Thora’s Hammer tracks a strong and resourceful Viking girl through the violent world of medieval Scandinavia.  Mirroring a Viking saga – but with a dynamic and powerful female lead character – the book is adventurous, filled with magic and tragedy, betrayal, redemption and first love. (READ MORE)

YA Historical


Venice – 1505

Set in all the opulence of the richest city in the world, it’s the tale of Catarina d’Armano, a noble young woman who has lost everything – her mother in childbirth, the family’s wealth through her father’s gambling, her father’s protection through his cowardice.  Taken to Venice by her wealthy uncle to be a companion to his semi-crippled daughter, Catarina initially despises the city’s glitz and decadence, and longs for the freedom she has lost.  Gradually, she’s seduced by the glamour of Venice and by her cousin’s paid-for fiance, and must struggle to find out who Catarina d’Armano really is.