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MoonDreams Series

Book I – MoonDreams

It’s the summer of 1974, and thirteen-year-old Carrie Olsen’s passionate desire for a horse is fulfilled with the unexpected offer of an unbroken mare. There’s just one problem. She’s read every book in the library on horses – but she’s never actually ridden. Their first encounter convinces her she needs help – and soon – if she’s to keep Mezza Luna.

It wasn’t her idea to move to a run-down farm when her father came back from Vietnam, but he can’t work for anyone else, not after what happened to him there. And he doesn’t seem to realize she exists – or maybe he wishes she were a boy so she’d be more help. There’s no money for anything extra, certainly not a horse. An unfriendly stranger just moved into the falling-down cottage on the lake. He speaks with an Irish accent and wears a big silver belt buckle in the shape of a jumping horse. Maybe he knows about horses. Maybe he could help, but Poppa told her not to go near him. They’re building a stable and riding arenas at nearby Lakewood Academy – a world for rich girls – one where she wouldn’t belong.

Carrie’s journey of discovery is for every girl who has ever felt the deep ache of longing for a horse and for every girl who faces the thrill and the fear of moving beyond herself and into the larger world.

In addition to following Carrie’s early steps toward adulthood, MoonDreams is unique in imparting to the reader – whether a rider or not – the magical feeling of riding a horse.


Book II – Shooting Star

Carrie is crushed to learn that Danielle and her clique have convinced the headmistress to ban her from riding at Lakewood Academy because she is not a student. Her dreams of fitting in with girls from such different backgrounds disintegrate. Will Ned find a way? Carrie and Mezza Luna’s progress has sparked jealousy in her best friend and Danielle is quick to take advantage. Then there is Erik.  He seems to believe in her, but he’s one of those townies the Lakewood in-crowd makes fun of.


Thora’s Hammer

Fourteen year old Thora’s idyllic childhood ends when her village is raided by her brutal Viking uncle.  Believing her father killed and seeing her mother forced on board a raiding longboat, she leaps aboard too, hiding among the stolen horses.  Her father’s last gift to her is the symbol of his chiefdom, a pendant of Thor’s hammer, and his last charge – to rescue her mother.